Dealing with Shin Splints

April 5, 2010

With the onset of the football season we have had a proliferation of medial shin pain – sometimes called shin splints.

If you have been suffering with pain and tightness along the inside of your shin and particularly if you have a rigid foot try this stretch.

Stand next to a wall and rest foot closest to the wall on a 45° angle up the wall with toes pushed firmly onto wall (it’s easier with shoes on).

Then push 1 knee forward over ankle and lean hip and knee towards the wall.

You are looking to feel a pull up the inside of the leg from ankle – not pain on outside of ankle. Play with position, ankle to wall if you can’t get the stretch.

If pain persists ring us for a biomechanical assessment and treatment possibly including fascial release or acupuncture.

Download Shin Splints information here