Sciatica Kawana

January 18, 2012

Sciatica is a general term referring to pain originating in the low back but radiating down the back of the leg in the distribution of the sciatic nerve. It can be caused by irritation of nerves as they exit the lower lumbar spine or compression of the sciatic nerve by muscular tension.

The lumbar nerve roots that may cause sciatic pain can be irritated through compression, as in the case of a herniated disc, by chemical irritation where there is inflammation present, or through normal degenerative processes that occur in the spine whereby the space through which the nerves leave the spine is decreased.

Not all posterior leg pain is true sciatica – it may be referred pain from a lumbar facet joint or your sacroiliac joint. A thorough assessment by your physiotherapist will determine what is causing your pain and direct the best possible treatment.