5-Minutes with Reef

December 7, 2012

We caught up with 13-year-old young gun local Caloundra surfer Reef Heazlewood and tossed a few questions at him. This is what Reef had to say.

When did you first start surfing?

When I was three Dad started doing tandem surfing with me. I would be on his shoulders, it was so much fun.

Your first board?

My first surf board was a 4’7 L 16 W and 2 D BeachBeat board, it was a big board for me but tiny for older kids.

Who’s your favourite surfer?

My favourite surfer is Joel Parkinson. I hope he wins the World title!

What board are your riding now and how many boards do you own? 

I am riding surf boards from Jamie Byrne board designs, 4’10 L 16 W 2 D. I own 18 boards in total around the house. Mum says we need to sell some. 

Where do you like most to surf?

Favourite surf break is Dicky Reef. 

How many competitions would you enter each year?

I enter about 12-15 events each year. 

How do you train for surf events? 

I train at Cross Fit on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s with Blair and I get coaching from Mark Richardson ( Master’s World champion),which I travel weekly to the Gold Coast for. 

How often do you surf? 

I surf every day, I love surfing with dad and my sister Renee. Dad and I often have mini comps to see who can get the most airs or barrels. 

How long would you normally stay in the water? 

I’m usually in the water for 2hr or more in a session. 

What do you eat for breakfast? 

I love having eggs and bacon (cooking eggs different ways each day) for breakfast.

Favourite food?

I love Cucumber’s, yummy. 

Favourite sport outside of surfing?

I like to Skate when I’m not surfing. I am enjoying skating at The Woods indoor skatepark. 

Favourite subject at school

My favourite subject at school is Wood work. 


I don’t really have a nickname but this is one name I get called, Reefy. 

Current Sponsors

I am sponsored by Billabong, Kustom footwear, Vonzipper eyewear and Palmers accessories. 

WOW, what an impressive young guy. Who really loves his surfing, his Dad, Mum and sister Renee – as well as those yummy cucumbers. Thanks for taking time this month Reef with Sportscare, and you can check out Reef in action.

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