Staff Profile – Scott Russell Caloundra Physiotherapist

December 6, 2012

Hi Scott

Can you please answer the following questions.

What motivated you to work in the sports, health and fitness industry?

I have always been involved in sport from a young age playing such as rugby league and squash. As I got older and injuries became a part of life I was exposed to the healthcare industry more and more – particularly physiotherapy. When it came to choosing a career physiotherapy seemed a natural fit because I could be involved in the healthcare and sports industries all at once.

Did you have to gain any formal qualifications for your current role?
I received my degree in Physiotherapy in 2008 from James Cook University Townsville.

Are you currently doing any further studies or self-improvement courses?
In my early years following university I underwent further training in the area of neck, shoulder and sports injuries. In the past few months I have completed my level 2 APA sports physiotherapy course and a further course in treating hip pain.

What is your area of expertise?
Knee and shoulder joint problems and sporting injuries

What type of people do you most like to treat?
Patients who are motivated to get better and those who enjoy having a laugh

What gives you the most satisfaction in your role?
Helping people return to their chosen sport, work or social activity

How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?
I enjoy playing touch football, squash and going to the gym. I have also recently taken up swimming although it is not pretty to watch.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Peanut butter and honey on raisin toast – even though it is messy it is a good meal

What do you love about summer?
The sun comes up early and goes down late – plenty of time for a run before work.

Tell us something about yourself that those you work with don’t know?
I have seen all of the Twilight movies

Favourite thing to do when not working?
Head down to the beach