Staff Profile – Mitch Matthews, Physiotherapist at Sportscare Kawana

February 22, 2013

mitch_matthewsAre you currently doing any further studies or self-improvement courses?
Physiotherapy is a constantly changing profession. There is always new research coming out with the most up to date knowledge and treatment techniques which I am always keen to use. I also like to attend various post-graduate courses to continue building my expertise in all areas of sport and muscular-skeletal physiotherapy.

What type of people do you most like to treat?
Those who are as motivated as I am to ensure they are pain free and moving well

What gives you the most satisfaction in your role?
Working with a great team providing great care to all patients

How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?
I enjoy surfing, rugby, running and swimming

What do you love about winter?
Getting back into rugby and still being able to get a wave on the Coast

Tell us something about yourself that those who work with you don’t know
I’m an open book – no secrets here !