New years exercise goals……… 3 weeks on.

January 21, 2019

Was your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get fitter?

Have you lost your motivation already just 3 weeks into the new year?

Here are some easy tips to try to help you maintain your goals this year and remain injury free.

You are not alone.

We believe in diversity of exercise and living on the Sunshine Coast there is plenty of opportunity to exercise in many different ways in our amazing environment. A physiotherapist is a highly trained professional that can help you on get your body moving correctly and safely at any time. (not just when you are injured).

If you do the same form of exercise every day you are more likely to hit a plateau and lose motivation. When you do exercise you enjoy and slowly build up your exercise regime with the help of your physiotherapist you are more likely to see greater results. We can help by giving you a personalised fitness program which can include different types of exercises specific to your body and level of fitness. This program can include general exercise like swimming, walking or running as well as more gym or home based exercises (you may even join our daily group exercise/ Pilates classes).

Injury prevention is much better than losing your exercise motivation due to an injury and having to stop to rehabilitate. A great tip is to build up your exercise intensity and duration by a little at a time. ( about 10% increase each week is ideal for most people.)  It is always preferable to increase your endurance before the intensity to avoid injuries and listen to how you feel after a workout before pushing on with your program build up.

Please feel free to contact one of our physiotherapists to discuss your exercise goals as we can help you get moving pain free in 2019.

Adam McKenzie