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Acupuncture and Dry Needling

March 2, 2020 NEEDLING HOW DOES IT WORK AND CAN IT HELP ME?   There are 2 types of needling used by physiotherapists. ACUPUNUCTURE: has been used by the Chinese for over 2500 years. It depends on an energy called ‘qi’, (pronounced ‘chee’), flowing through the body and meridians, (which are channels connecting the major organs). The fine...
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Groin Pain (FAI)

September 9, 2019 Groin Pain Do you have pain in your groin with squatting or prolonged sitting ?  You may have FAI ?? FAI – Femoroacetabular, (Hip) Impingement is a condition where extra bone grows along one or both of the bones that form the hip joint. this causes the bones to rub against each other during movement...
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Wry neck

June 24, 2019 Wry Neck   Have you ever woken up and had panic set in because you were unable to move your head? Acute wry neck is, unfortunately, a common condition. It’s defined as a sudden onset of pain causing the neck muscles to spasm as a protective mechanism.   What can cause it? Facet joint dysfunction:...
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Knee Arthritis

June 3, 2019 Knee Osteoarthritis One of the most common conditions we see as Physiotherapists is osteoarthritis of the knee joint. The condition of the knee and relatable symptoms can be widely variable so what can we, and you, do to eliminate or improve knee pain associated with arthritis? Clinical research tells us that surgery should be the...
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New years exercise goals……… 3 weeks on.

January 21, 2019 Was your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get fitter? Have you lost your motivation already just 3 weeks into the new year? Here are some easy tips to try to help you maintain your goals this year and remain injury free. You are not alone. We believe in diversity of exercise and living on...
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knee arthroscopy recovery Day 10

December 2, 2018 Follow Adam McKenzie our principal physiotherapist at Warana sportscare with his post operative recovery from a knee arthroscopy.  Adam is now 10 days following a knee meniscus debridement and he will discuss his exercise progression and rehabilitation.      

Should I get my back scanned?

September 3, 2018 Should I get my back scanned? Imaging (XRay, CT and MRI) is not generally indicated in people who are suffering back pain. In fact, people should only be referred for scans if there is a severe, progressive neurological deficit or signs and symptoms that indicate a serious underlying condition may be present. The body of...
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Patellofemoral Pain (PFP)

May 9, 2018 Patellofemoral pain (PFP) PFP is pain from the tissues within or surrounding the joint between the knee cap (patella) and the thigh bone (femur). The patella rests in a groove on the femur where it acts like a pulley to transmit the force of the quadriceps muscle (thigh muscle) onto the tibia via the patella...
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