Sportscare team, Sunshine Coast

Our team consists of highly-qualified Sportscare physiotherapists, massage therapists and exercise physiologists. If you have a sports injury, ailment or problems managing pain, you should book an appointment with one of our physios. We have specialists in acupuncture, remedial massage, sports injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation and much more.

Caloundra Physio Team

physiotherapist caloundra

Dean Sullivan

Physiotherapist, Caloundra Sportscare , Running and Triathlon Injuries , TMJ/Jaw Pain
Geoff Ford - Physiotherapist Caloundra

Geoff Ford

Physiotherapist, Caloundra Sportscare
Rhyann Burton - Caloundra physiotherapist

Rhyann Burton

Physiotherapist, Caloundra Sportscare, Pilates , Functional Movement Training
physiotherapist caloundra

Russell Smallwood

APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist, Caloundra Sportscare, Neck and Shoulder Injuries, Swimming and Crossfit Injuries.

Kawana Physio Team

physiotherapist kawana

Anna Bofinger

Physiotherapist, arthritis (Tai Chi and other exercise programs), mobility and strength in the older patient, balance and falls prevention
physiotherapist kawana

Ben McIvor

Physiotherapist, shoulder and knee pain, chronic pain management, gym-based rehabilitation
physiotherapist kawana

Jess Schlegel

Physiotherapist, running and football injuries, lower limb rehabilitation, hand physiotherapy
physiotherapist kawana

Jill Koltermann

Physiotherapist, dance assessments, dance injuries
physiotherapist kawana

John Ryan

Physiotherapist, osteoarthritis, chronic neck and back pain, lower limb biomechanical issues
physiotherapist kawana

Maren Mallet

Physiotherapist, headaches and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction Vestibular rehabilitation
physiotherapist kawana

Mitch Matthews

Physiotherapist, Sports injuries and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, complex musculoskeletal presentations, hydrotherapy
physiotherapist kawana

Stent Card

Physiotherapist, gym related injuries, gym-based rehabilitation – bone health, strength and performance
physiotherapist kawana

Steven Bofinger

Physiotherapist, adolescents in sport, biomechanical dysfunction, acute sports injuries

Massage Therapists

massage therapist kawana

Christie Bassett

Massage Therapist, Kawana Sportscare


Sam Sexton

Sam Sexton


Tricia Owens


Warana Physio Team

physiotherapist warana

Adam McKenzie

Physiotherapist, knee injuries, adolescent injuries
Ella Kenafake - warana physiotherapist

Ella Kenafake

Physiotherapist, neck and shoulder pain, dance injuries
physiotherapist Warana

Helen Urch

Physiotherapist, shoulder injuries, ankle and foot injuries
physiotherapist warana

Rachael Paxton

Physiotherapist, running injuries, back pain
physiotherapist kawana

Virginia Brooks

Physiotherapist, women’s health, pelvic pain