Dance physiotherapy, Kawana

Kawana Sportscare is a leading provider of injury treatment and other specialist services for dancers of all genres on the Sunshine Coast. Dancer and physiotherapist, Jill Koltermann combines her knowledge and experience in both areas to provide this service to dancers.

What we offer for dancers:

  • assessment and treatment of dance-related injuries
  • dance-specific rehabilitation, strengthening and flexibility programs, including clinical Pilates
  • pre-pointe assessments
  • tertiary dance assessments.

If you are a dancer seeking physiotherapy or dance therapy on the Sunshine Coast, phone us at Sportscare Kawana.

Treatment of dance injuries

Ballet places unique stresses on the body that many other sports do not. At Kawana Sportscare we have a thorough knowledge of dance technique and the types of injuries ballet dancers are prone to. Treatment techniques include manual therapy and exercise prescription to facilitate a return to normal activity.

In addition to the treatment of acute and chronic injuries we place a firm emphasis on injury prevention. In many circumstances we are able to prescribe exercises to correct muscle imbalances and improve ballet technique to prevent injury recurrence.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates has well known benefits, including:

  • improving pelvic and upper-body stability
  • management of chronic back pain
  • improving motor control
  • improving flexibility
  • improving turnout strength
  • correction of muscle imbalances.

Exercising on Pilates equipment works the body through its whole range of movement, mimicking the challenges dancers face in their training. The beauty of Pilates is that exercises can be adapted to allow an injured area to rest while still exercising unaffected areas and preventing de-conditioning. Pilates is also a great rehabilitation tool to facilitate a return to dancing as it addresses the key issues that have contributed to the initial injury. This makes Pilates the perfect adjunct to dance training or a valuable rehabilitation tool for the safe return to dance.

Sportscare offers one-on-one sessions and group Pilates classes. These may include exercises for core control, strength, balance and flexibility. Please contact us at Kawana Sportscare for more information about our Pilates services.

Pre-pointe assessments

Starting pointe work is an exciting time in a girl’s ballet career. Having the objective eye of a physiotherapist involved in this process who is well trained in anatomy and dance technique can make the transition safer and more rewarding for ballet students.

Our assessments at Kawana Sportscare look thoroughly at posture, range of motion, turnout strength, pelvic stability and alignment, mobility of the foot, core control and ballet technique to identify any potential obstacles to pointe work. An individualised home program is then developed based on the assessment findings and recommendations are made about what to look for when the time comes to purchase pointe shoes.

Kawana Sportscare has developed a strong relationship with many of the dance schools on the Sunshine Coast and our physiotherapists have helped improve many girls’ pointe work to date. Our staff are happy to provide reports or recommendations to ballet teachers and are available to discuss progress or concerns with them when required.

Tertiary dance assessments

Dance screenings are now required prior to auditioning for many tertiary dance programs in Australia. Depending on the institution, a standard assessment form will be given to you. Bring this form to your appointment for the physiotherapist to complete. A copy of the completed assessment will be given to you immediately following your appointment. It is then your responsibility to submit this prior to the due date. During your appointment an individualised program can be developed to address any concerns that may be identified in the assessment to optimise your performance and decrease the risk of injury.