Hydrotherapy, Caloundra, Kawana and Warana

Our trained phsiotherapists offer hydrotherapy as one of the many treatement options at our Sunshine Coast Sportscare clinics in Warana, Caloundra and Kawana. Hydrotherapy is a physiotherapy treatment utilising a specifically-designed exercise program conducted in a heated pool. The warm water relieves muscle tension, the hydrostatic pressure of the water assists with the reduction of swelling, and the benefit of buoyancy assists in improved ability to walk and move freely.

Hydrotherapy treatment is ideal for a range of conditions and illnesses including back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, decreased mobility, joint replacements and many other conditions. Benefits include muscle strengthening, pain relief, increased mobility, cardiovascular fitness, weight control, relaxation, improved balance and co-ordination. Talk to the physiotherapists at Sportscare in Warana, Kawana or Caloundra about hydrotherapy treatment for you.