Pilates, Caloundra, Warana and Kawana

Sportscare offer specialised Pilates and classes as part of our range of services at our clinics in Caloundra, Warana and Kawana on the Sunshine Coast. Pilates targets the deep postural muscles of the spine and abdomen helping improve and maintain posture, restore the natural curvature of the spine and strengthen the body’s core muscles. Ideal for people of all ages, Pilates combines movements that are slow and controlled with some rapid moving exercises each providing very intense stretching.

Benefits include increased strength, muscle tone and flexibility. Pilates has also proven to work exceptionally well with lower-back pain, neck and upper-back pain, work-related postural complaints, stiffness, sports-related injuries, lack of flexibility, running injuries, pregnancy-related conditions, postnatal conditioning and muscle imbalances.

Talk to the physiotherapists at Sportscare about our Pilates classes or specialised Pilates training. Book an appointment at one of our Sunshine Coast clinics today.