Workplace physiotherapy, Warana, Kawana and Caloundra

Sportscare have a range of physiotherapy services available for businesses in Warana, Kawana and Caloundra. Our physiotherapists help ensure that your employees are safe at work and working efficiently with suitable equipment for your environment. From building sites and factories to retail stores and offices, we work with small and large businesses in the private and public sector to keep their staff safe and protected from risks and harm in their day-to-day jobs.

Workplace assessments

Talk to the team at Sportscare about workplace assessments. We will provide a professional assessment of the workstations within your workplace taking into account your work duties, your posture and any aches or discomfort you may be experiencing. We will then advise you how to make adjustments or modifications to make your workplace safer, more comfortable and productive.

Ideal for those who are self-employed or those who work from home, an assessment of your work station can help you make your workplace safe, compliant and productive.

Ergonomic services

Sportscare offers ergonomic services throughout our Queensland practices in Warana, Caloundra or Kawana. Occupational health and safety is critical to small and large businesses and can prevent mitigating injuries from becoming workers’ compensation claims. No matter what your industry (manufacturing, office, schools, driving, warehouse), ergonomic solutions can reduce future injury, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and profitability.

Talk to Sportscare about simple ergonomic services in your workplace.

Manual handling training and services

As part of our physiotherapy services for businesses, the physiotherapists at Sportscare are experienced at organising manual handling training, seminars and services in Warana, Kawana and Caloundra. We customise the manual handling course to suit your industry and demonstrate safe manual handling techniques, common injuries resulting from poor manual handling and a basic introduction to anatomy and involved structures.

Talk to Sportscare about manual handling training in your workplace to ensure your workplace is safe, productive and profitable for all.

Workplace physiotherapy

Sportscare can assist you with workplace physiotherapy. Our workplace physiotherapy includes acute workplace injury management and treatment. Injuries that are treated immediately are proven to reduce WorkCover claims ultimately leading to costs savings for employers. We meet the needs of each individual workplace and workforce aiming to minimise the productivity, financial and administrative burden that workplace injuries can place on businesses.