Steven Bofinger

Principal Physiotherapist

Steven Bofinger has been a qualified physiotherapist for more than 30 years, and has been the Principal Physiotherapist at Sportscare Kawana since setting up the practice with his wife, Anna, in 1993. Steven has a strong interest in sports injuries and has been involved with a number of regional, state and national-level teams and athletes across rugby union, rugby league, cricket, water polo, surfing and more. Steven is currently the Head Physiotherapist for the Sunshine Coast Falcons Rugby League team and consultant physiotherapist to the Ocean Performance Centre.

Steven has a strong hands-on approach to his treatment and frequently utilises muscle energy and soft tissue release techniques. However, it is Steven’s excellent knowledge of biomechanics that guide his treatment, with the emphasis on addressing postural instability and muscle imbalance.

His main areas of interest include lower-limb and spinal biomechanics and their influence on overuse injuries, lower-back and pelvic dysfunction and acute knee and shoulder injuries.