Hip and thigh injuries and pain


There are around 200 forms of arthritis which can affect people of all ages. Hip arthritis is characterised by a degenerative process with gradual eroding of the surfaces of the hip joint with subsequent inflammation.

Hip resurfacing

When metal implants are used to replace diseased or damaged surfaces in the hip joint.

Dead leg

Dead leg occurs when muscles are crushed against a bone and torn, a common injury in contact sports.

Quadriceps hematoma

Commonly caused by a direct blow or by strain due to sprinting or jumping, quadriceps hematoma is a large bruise which bleeds into the thigh muscle.

Groin strain

Groin strain, also known as an adductor strain, occurs when the muscles of the inside of the thigh are damaged. It is particularly common in sports such as football.


Inflammation of the trochanteric bursa (small fluid-filled sac located at outer aspect of hip) commonly affects shoulder, elbow, hip and knee joints caused by injury and overuse.

Hip impingement

A complaint of younger and middle aged people, this occurs equally in men and women and presents as pain or ‘catching’ in the groin area. The complaint is divided into two categories: labral tears and acetabulo-femoral impingement.