Neck pain

Neck Spasm

Involuntary contraction of neck muscles.


A strain which leads to neck pain and stiffness commonly caused by a car accident but can occasionally occur as a result of contact sports or diving. Neck is suddenly and forcibly extended by force, symptoms may include neck, upper back or shoulder blade, pins and needles or numbness, headache, a heavy head, arm pain or weakness and nausea.

Trapped nerve

A trapped nerve can occur in the neck or back and the associated pain can affect all parts of the body. It can be caused by an accident, poor posture of a build-up of stress.


Neck problems (either trauma to the neck or postural problems) can lead to so-called tension headaches.


Usually seen in older patients (60 years +) and may cause a variety of syptoms including pain and stiffness in the neck. A relatively common condition caused by wear and tear to the joints of the neck.

Wry neck

Acute wry neck is a pain in the neck region, often accompanied by spasm of the surrounding muscles. This causes the head to turn away from the painful site as a protective reaction.